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Wikströms släktforskning

Grandpa's aunts

Two of my grandfather Henning's aunts emigrated to the United States.

Maria Katarina Bäckström, b. Dec 8, 1867 in Lästa, Ytterlännäs, married a Norwegian sea captain named Karl Emil Nielsen. After the marriage in 1889 she moved to Fredrikstad in Norway, where she gave birth to six children. In 1902, Karl emigrated to Tacoma, Washington, and the year after, Maria joined him with the six children. A seventh children was born in Tacoma. Karl died in Tacoma in 1939 and Maria died 1942.

Wendela Bernhardina Bäckström, b. Oct 9, 1874 in Grämesta, Gudmundrå married Petrus Martinsson. The family, Wendela and Petrus and the children Robert and Valfrid emigrated in 1904. They settled in Tacoma Washington, where another two children were born. I have no record of death dates for Wendela and Petrus.


My mother has had contact with descendants on this line of the family; Marias granddaughter Mavis (b. 1916) and Wendelas daughter Martha C (Peggy, b. 1910).



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