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Emigration to Canada

The Edlund brothers; Erik Magnus, Jonas Peter and Anders Fredrik, all emigrated to Canada from Ljustorp parish in Medelpad.

The first one to emigrate was Erik Magnus Edlund, born 1854 Och 11 in Ljustorp, who left the home in 1879. Perhaps he was influenced by his cousin Jonas Edlund, who emigrated in August the same year, sailing from Malmö Augusti 23 with destination Quebec. Erik Magnus left his home September 4 and sailed from Malmö to Quebec Sept 29. He arrived in Quebec October 6. He didn't stay long in Quebec because in 1880 he was registered as a citizen in Taylors Fall, Minnesota US in the US Census 1880. He was declared a worker, living with lodger F Bulen Minor in Taylor's Fall, Chisago county, MN.

1894 he was staying in Everett, Washington and the year after, in May 1895, he went to Alaska, probably to dig for gold.

In 1900 he was listed in Sunrise, Southern Supervisor's District, Alaska. He was then single. His postal address, however, was still Everett, Washington.

In 1910 he was living in Kenai, Divison 3, Alaska. Still single. Aug 17 1910 he was registered a naturalized citizen of the United States. After this, I have no track of him.


On July 13 1888 his two brothers, Jonas Peter Edlund (b. 1852 Aug 20) and Anders Fredrik Edlund (b. 1864 Sept 6), emigrated. They left from Gothenburg with destination Rat Portage, Ontario, Canada. The reason was most likely to dig for gold. It seems they must have been quite successful. Anders (Andrew) Fredrik married 1900 to Hilma Larson and had a number of children. In 2005 I managed to get contact with Loretta Edlund, the wife of on of Andrew Fredrik's grandchildren. She wrote to me:

Andrew Fred Edlund owned many acres of land and operated a large dairy farm near town. He sold milk to many people in the area. The farm was left to his sons. This land was passed on in the family and the last of the land was sold this past year.
He married Hilma Larsen and had seven children, four girls and three boys. Their names were Wendla (Wanda), Lydia, Walter (Bob's dad), Aaron, Nora, Gunnar and Vera.
He has many descendents in this area. Many married people of Swedish descent.
Our records show that he died in 1926.

By the time they left, Jonas Peter was married and had four children and a fifth on the way back in Ljustorp. I would suspect that the idea was that he would either stay for a short time or send money for his wife and children to join him. However, he stays for more than 10 years. According to the book "Ljustorp Förr och Nu" (Ljustorp Then and Now) he returned to Ljustorp in the beginning of the 1900's. He had been robbed of all his money and been laying ill for several weeks. Jonas Peter had a wife and several children back in Ljustorp and returned to them. A few years later, the book claims that he returned together with daughter Tilda and son Johan. More about this on the US page.



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